Firefighters and First responders are often lauded as heroes for their actions, and rightfully so.  The sacrifices we make and the risks we take with our own well-being are purely selfless.

Where do firefighters come from?  Truth be told, firefighters come from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings.

Regardless of where they hail from, so many brothers and sisters have been strongly influenced by the support of and the lessons instilled by their moms over the years… lessons that have nurtured core firefighter qualities such as bravery, integrity, self confidence, and compassion for others.

Like it or not (yes, there’s a great deal of modesty in the fire service), the praise given to individuals – as well as our community as a whole- is usually well deserved and generally appreciated.  Paid or volunteer, we serve the public day after day, night after night.

But what about our personal lives?  What about our families?  Our wives or significant others?  Our children?  The sacrifices they make, the support they provide, the peace of mind they give us to do the stressful job that we do… could we really do it the same without them?

Our friend, Lori Mercer, Founder of weighs in:

“It may seem the firefighters get a lot of the limelight.  And much of it is well deserved.   But it takes a special kind of firefighter and their spouse to recognize that most important are the titles: husband, wife, mom, and dad. 

Our Fire Wife Sisterhood community is so much more than just a place for those married to firefighters to share with others who understand their lifestyle.  The irregular schedules, threats of the profession, low pay and financial challenges and more. 

I’ve watched this community of women come together as friends who provide encouragement and support for each other.   Through the challenges of parenting alone and when their husband is home.  Through health scares and job interviews and even teenagers.

While the firefighters are out doing their thing, these ladies are doing everything else to hold their households together.   So on Mother’s Day especially, I like to recognize this community of women for first being strong women and amazing role models for their children and the community around them.”

In the context of our busy lives, holidays often encourage us to pause, acknowledge and celebrate.  Mother’s Day is no exception.  Unlike some other holidays and their causes (a few of which we may not think much about 364 days of the year), Mother’s Day is special.  Moms are special.  Our families are special.

So, on Mother’s Day and every day, let’s celebrate the special women in our lives who do so much so that we can do so much.  Happy Mother’s Day, moms, and thank you for everything that you do!