Gratitude is a wonderful thing…

Our internal loan coordinator, Rachel, works closely with our Firefighter Mortgages® crew and plays a critical role in taking care of our brothers and sisters who are our valued clients, as well as brothers here who originate their home loans.

As Rachel was heading home from the office the other evening, she suddenly found herself first on scene of a car vs. motorcycle MVA.  She called 9-1-1 and helped the dispatcher assess the situation; it was dire.

The motorcyclist was seriously injured and Rachel was unable to detect a pulse.  Under the direction of the dispatcher, she began to administer chest compressions.

Here is the email she sent to our crew the next morning:

Subject: I SEE YOU NOW


I want to take a moment to express appreciation for what you do and endure each day as Fire Fighters, EMT’s, overall First Responders. 

 I was first on the scene last night to a horrific motorcycle accident and was in a position to take over and begin resuscitation – it was scary, but something flipped on inside me and I just did what I had to do without panic, without question, and without hesitation. 

It was a very horrible scene that I can’t get out of my head.  When I heard the sirens and saw the first firefighter approach I was so incredibly relieved – I swear if he had wings and a halo I would have believed what I saw!  I was so happy to see him…..once he took over I fell apart- I suppose that is normal. 

 I don’t know how you do it on a regular basis because I got very little sleep last night and having a bit of a rough time today.

 Anyway, I could not let today go by without expressing my gratitude and to humbly say Thank You for what you do. 

Each one of you are precious and now I see you, you are Heroes!


In speaking with Rachel since, she has expressed that as much as she always knew she had a great appreciation for firefighters and first responders, this experience took that appreciation to a whole new level.

The truth is, what we do day in and day out is remarkable.  As much as we do it with grace and humility, it’s still remarkable.

When I asked Rachel if I could share her story with our first responder family, she was ecstatic!  She wants all of us to know how much she appreciates what we do.  Win-win!

And here’s her update:

Subject: He Survived! ;->

I received a call from Victims Advocate Services… My buddy survived the motorcycle accident, “but with much loss”  … that is all they could tell me.

Thank you all for your support and comforting words… It helped a lot!!!

Whatever the day or night, or shift or moment may bring, just know that you’re providing an invaluable service to your community and are always appreciated!

Be safe, all!