In the news, 6/03/19. Great article from CNBC about Current Mortgage Rates and Opportunities to Save Money.


With many recent uncertainties in global and domestic markets, there has been a “flight to safety” as investors pour money into bonds, resulting in lower yields.

This has had a direct, positive impact on mortgage rates for consumers like us. Depending on your current mortgage situation, some of the available benefits may include:

  • Lowering your current monthly payment
  • Taking cash out for home improvements
  • Switching to a more suitable mortgage program than you are currently in
  • Consolidating/ eliminating high-interest debt
  • Paying your mortgage off sooner
  • Increased buying power if you’re in the market to buy a new home

Opportunities like this do not present themselves everyday, and definitely do not last forever, We are here for you as a resource… just let us know what questions you have and how we can help YOU!

Here’s a link to the CNBC article from earlier today for your reference

Thanks and be safe…