First Responder Home Loans

When it comes to home loans for first responders, there’s no shortage of potentially great options… or is there?

Most of us won’t have a need for more than a few mortgage transactions in our lifetime, naturally limiting our experience in navigating these often-unfamiliar waters.

Couple that with the fact that these transactions typically occur years apart from each other, while the mortgage industry seems to continually change during these stretches of time.  It would be great if learning the process once and knowing what to expect was like riding a bike, but that never really seems to be the case.

Of course we all want a great deal on our mortgage.  After all, don’t we deserve one?  Our Firefighter Mortgages® group certainly thinks we all do… and that we should be spared of any and all mortgage shenanigans, c’mon!

Here’s the thing: when we look at any first responder home loan program, chances are that we’re not exactly sure what we’re even looking for, let alone what that ‘great deal’ looks like.  And how could we?  Searching online and sifting through all of those offers and claims can be overwhelming to say the least.  For me, I think back to the first time I saw a pump panel on the side of an engine and thought, “HUH??

Finding the right first responder mortgage program doesn’t need to be like looking at a pump panel for the first time. Remember THAT?

The great news is that we’re never alone in the fire service or the first responder community.  There’s always someone before us who has already done the work and is willing to guide us through.  That’s where we come in.  Mortgages are our thing and we’re here as a resource for our brother and sister first responders: firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS workers and, yes, even service members (we love our military folks!)

Core to our mission is ensuring that you’re in the best mortgage situation for you.  Yes, of course we’re more than happy to help you with your home purchase or refinance.  But before we do, we need to know what’s best for you and to make sure that we can deliver.  Most of us have more than 20 years of mortgage experience under our belts. We’ve seen it all and can’t think of a better way to put that knowledge to work than to help you.

When it comes to choosing a firefighter, police or first responder mortgage program, we want your choice to be simple.  Don’t we already have enough to think about these days?  We’re here to prove our value every day and to earn your trust by doing the right thing – every time.

Have a question? Just ask us!  Want to talk to one of the guys? Give us a call @ 888-450-3473 or just fill out the quick form.  Want to get pre-qualified? Here you go!

Be safe, all…