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We Thought You’d Want to Know!

In the news, 6/03/19. Great article from CNBC about Current Mortgage Rates and Opportunities to Save Money. This is GREAT NEWS! With many recent uncertainties in global and domestic markets, there has been a "flight to safety" as investors pour money into bonds, resulting in lower yields. This has had a direct, positive impact on…
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First Responder Mortgage Benefit

With home values on the rise and mortgage rates still at historic lows, have you considered the benefits of purchasing a new home... or leveraging the equity in your existing home? With so many benefits to home ownership, and so many financing options to get you there, we want to help you make the most…
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Helping our Brother and Sister First Responders Personally Impacted by Harvey

Even seemingly invincible, selfless caregivers need help at times.  This is one of those times. With the widespread devastation left in the wake of Harvey, countless First Responders find themselves stretched beyond limits in their rescue efforts, while simultaneously coping with their own personal losses and anguish. Aside from being disconnected from and left to…
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